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The Inspiration for our Art Gallery & Shop

There is little doubt that some of the most enjoyable and memorable days our family has experienced took place while vacationing on islands or similar ocean-front retreats. Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, Boca Raton, the Florida keys, Newport Rhode Island, Palm Beach, Hilton Head, Cape Cod…the list goes on and on. The ocean, sun and sand create an environment which is perfect for relaxing, recharging and spending quality time with our kids.

Our family loved being in each of these special places, but we never enjoyed leaving! I often wondered how we could take a little piece of that island lifestyle with us, and that's how the idea for Island Infinity was born. While the ocean and harbors and beaches may not be close by all of the time, there is no reason the feelings created there cannot stay with us all of the time! So Island Infinity was created to reflect "The Never-Ending Celebration & Enjoyment of The Island Lifestyle."

Our goal is to create a community of artists, photographers and art lovers who share our love for the oceans, islands, beaches and harbors of the world. Our Online Art Gallery offers original works from both highly accomplished as well as up & coming artists. Their paintings, drawings and photographs will allow each of you to keep a little bit of the warmth of the island sun, refreshing feel of the ocean waves and relaxing feeling of a beach chair and umbrella with you every single day, regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

Attention Artists & Photographers! Learn More About Selling Your Artwork on Island Infinity's Online Art Gallery & Shop

Our Online Art Gallery features artwork that is inspired by the “Island Lifestyle” (nautical, the beach, the ocean, harbors, boating, and the like). We work hard to provide both established and up & coming artists with a way to sell their art without all of the challenges that come along with e-commerce. As the artist, you will simply provide information on the piece(s) being listed and ship your sold pieces to the customer.

- You always set the price and we simply keep a small portion of that price as our “selling commission”.

- No cost to you unless your art is sold!

- You keep each piece in your possession until it's sold!

- You decide on and approve the item listing to ensure your brand is protected!

- Our program is risk-free!

If you would like to learn more about selling your artwork on our site, click here and we will send you more info. We look forward to hearing from you.