Meet the Artist: Gloria Burkin

"I am a landscape and seascape artist on Martha's Vineyard. As an artist I began painting seriously about twenty years ago. I find my inspiration from the natural beauty of the island.

I love to use oils, both thick and thin over a golden under painting, to reflect the exquisite light on the island. Painting is hard work for me, and it uses a lot of physical stamina, and energy. I roam the island looking for places to paint and take many photos before I start a painting.

I work on several paintings at the same time and move to continue working as the light changes. I like working in oils because they are very forgiving and take a long time to dry. Often, I come back to the same painting and add layers, perhaps a golden wash, to give the paintings a luminous quality. I struggle to capture the early morning light. It is a very exciting process for me, and I enjoy mixing the paints and working quickly to capture the moment.

My goal is to continue painting. I hope to continue to capture the natural beauty of the land and sea as well as the luminous quality that comes from the reflection of being surrounded by water."

We are thrilled to have Gloria as part of our artist's community, and double thrilled that her daughter, Jen Burkin, is also a great Island Infinity artist!

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