Meet the Artist: Tim Forman

Tim is an impressionist artist. He is the third generation of Forman's to have been born and reared in sunny, South Florida.

He began painting as a child when he was ten years old. Today he devotes full-time effort to his artistic pursuits.

nautical artwork

Tim enjoys oil painting with both brush and knife. He is mostly self-taught, learning by practice and observation. He likes to paint the beautiful clouds, seascapes and the natural landscape found throughout Florida. Through his artwork, Tim seeks to lift the spirits and inspire awe above our day-to-day lives.

Tim Forman Art at Island Infinity

"As a landscape artist, I capture the essence of a scene and communicate that which inspires awe. When outdoors, I am drawn to light and the horizon. My work is influenced by A. E. Backus, who helped me to discover the simple beauty of Florida. I have been painting it ever since." Tim says.

"My process of painting begins with visiting a particular place where I expect to encounter the splendor of nature. Often, I will paint a small plein air sketch to capture my first impressions. Then back in the studio, I use photos, sketches and these small paintings to develop my larger ideas. Painting in layers with both knife and brush, I use oil on canvas to create art that captures the simplicity and beauty of the natural world around us."

Tim lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is happily married to his beautiful bride, Becky.

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You can see Tim's work here:

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