Why Did We Launch Island Infinity?

Since pivoting the Island Infinity offering from consumer products to (mostly) original art, many people have asked: why? It’s not that they don’t like or agree with the new direction, it’s more about curiosity. So, if you are curious, here’s my multi-part answer:

1) I’ve always enjoyed creating art. I’m not terribly good at it but that never stopped me. Going back to high school, I sketched and doodled both in-class and at home. I still have many of those drawings today. Under my yearbook photo, when it asks for interests, I listed “art, guitar, and cars”. So my interest goes back many, many years!

2) My entire family loves the ocean, beach and everything related. From my grandparent’s hotel in Old Orchard Beach, Maine to our frequent trips to Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, Florida and Southern California, we can never seem to get enough time near the water.

3) I am a lifelong retailer (both physical and digital stores) and love the challenge of building product assortments and user experiences that will resonate with consumers. I’ve done this at scale for multi-billion dollar businesses as well as for tiny start-ups. 

4) Along the way, I have met and worked with tons of people and small businesses that had great products but didn’t know how to best bring them to market and sell them. I find great satisfaction in helping them find solutions to monetizing their products and building their businesses. The superb artists in our Island Infinity community often fit this description, and my goal is to get their great artwork out into the world for all to see (and buy).

5) Back to the ocean. When we are not in one of our favorite waterside spots, we miss it. But, I realized long ago that when I hand a few pieces of nautical art in my home or office, a quick glance can bring back the feeling of joy and relaxation that the ocean and beach provides. So, while I enjoy many types of art, ocean/ beach/ harbor art is far and away my favorite. 

So, one day a few months back, I thought about combining all of these 5 reasons and shifting Island Infinity into this new concept. While we are a work in progress, the reaction so far has been beyond my expectations. I hope you enjoy browsing our offering and hopefully buying a piece or two. Our mission is to make our site great both for our guests and our artists. If you have any thoughts at any time, or would like to sell your nautical-themed art on our site, or even collaborate in another way, reach out anytime to me at Andy@IslandInfinity.com.

Thanks so much for reading about this journey.

Andy B. 


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